The Final Pitch

Don Shows You How to do Pathos. Mad Men ´The Carousel´ from Emilio on Vimeo.

We’re presenting our final projects on May 7 and May 14. Each presentation should last no longer than ten minutes, including time for comments and questions. I’d encourage you to aim to talk for five or six minutes, and save the remaining time for feedback. Your presentation can take any form — but at the very least you should walk us through (parts of) your online project and discuss its conceptual/theoretical foundation and the rationale behind some of your major design decisions.

Aim to be as “plug and play” as possible: bring your work on a flash drive or make sure it’s easily downloadable from the web; we want to avoid spending time on tech set-up.

May 7: Louis, Amelia, Victor, Liam, Tony, Alex, Ariana, Edmund
May 14: Jennifer S., Omar, Deb, Angelica, Mary, Mike, Jimena, Andrew, Jen R.

You’re welcome to bring food and drink to share!

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