Comparative Modernisms, Medialities, Modernities Conference @ NYU, May 4-5

…ncluding a Saturday afternoon panel that’s likely of particular interest to us:

2:00 – 3:45
New Media and Literary Theory
Lydia Liu (Columbia University)
McKenzie Wark (New School)
Timothy C. Campbell (Cornell University)
chair: Emily Apter (New York University)

Has literary theory lost touch with the evolving technology of writing in new media that is rapidly transforming our social life? This panel will reevaluate the goals and tasks of literary theory and raise some fundamental issues about their relevance to today’s world. The panelists will consider, for example, in what ways the unfolding of digital media might make the conditions of its own critique legible or illegible, and to what extent the limits of our understanding are imposed by our writing machines and the minds that have invented such machines.

For more info: Modern Language Initiative

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