Show Me Your TV Screen

Folks of the materiality world,

For a part of my final exhibition, I’m attempting to collect as many photos as possible of televisions in the home.  If you would like to help out, please send a photo of the television in its domestic place in your apartment or house.  If you don’t personally have one, I’ll accept a photo of your roommate’s/parent’s/grandparent’s/landlord’s instead.

AND if you don’t actually have a TV but still watch “TV” on some sort of futuristic device like a laptop or iPad or technologically advanced projection screen, snap a photo of that for its still counts!  So whether you’re watching TV via the cathode ray tube or liquid crystal display (they both still illuminate the room with that blue filtered light), send me what you have.  Just be sure it has a “TV” image displaying.

Send an image to

Here’s my TV:

Edmund's TV


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