Punk Fanzines and Records (12″ & 7″) Explored Through A Digital Zine

My project is going to use a digital medium (a digital zine I’ve created titled ‘Some Direxion’ published through Issuu.com) to explore the art and design of punk fanzines and records.  While punk music is traditionally simple sonically, it does not render to be adolescent or unintelligent.  The sub-culture or culture, depending on how you view it, has morphed into an enormous web over the past 40 years.  However, one thing that has stayed constant is the importance of the art and design of D.I.Y. fanzines and records.  Zine pages and record covers/sleeve inserts are often meticulously thought out to carry the ideas most commonly associated with the genre.  For example, ideas associated with progressive politics, an alternative community to the mainstream, and self-definition.  I will critically examine how physical representations of these things carry over to a digital format.  Ultimately I will try to understand if any impact is lost by reading or viewing off a computer screen as opposed to holding it in your hands.

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