WALL ST. IS A ‘REAL’ PLACE (we can go there)

Even as somebody who actively engages with OWS, I find it difficult to connect the proverbial dots of the day-to-day happenings of the movement.

Thus my desire to create a digital timeline of sorts, an easy-to-navigate site wherein one not familiar with the movement is able to, at least on a surface level, ingratiate oneself with the movement.

In a curatorial sense, the intention is to create an as-transparent-as-possible site, though avoiding bias completely is (dare I say?) impossible. ¬†So my political/philosophic leanings will most likely be felt, regardless of how “objective” I intend to be.

This is less an archive and more a documentation.  Though I will focus primarily on the NYC element of the movement as a whole, I will include (inter-)national happenings, as they quite often reverberate (in a very material way) within the NYC experience.

Even though we all live in NYC, “OWS” is still, to many, an abstract concept, and I intend to ground this abstraction in a material history in an attempt to illustrate how material this (supposed) abstraction really is.


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