Deconstructing Technology Through Glitch

My online exhibit will explore the historical range of the materiality and conceptual works by artists who identify themselves as glitch artists, and as well as artists before them who solely used analog formats to create proto-glitch works. The project will mainly focus on digital glitch artists/projects, but there are historical works done by the cubists, avant-garde filmmakers and sound artists which I will connect to glitch art. The online exhibit will contain sections on artworks from: historical connections, databending, circuit-bending, and datamoshing. There will also be a section on how-to tutorials (example – youtube videos on how to datamosh, databending and circuit bending tutorials). Although it will be easy to navigate the site through these categorized sections, I feel that it is important to present these sections in a non-linear way. The online exhibition should reflect and implement the glitch. The purpose of this online exhibition is for viewers to use the site as a tool to not only to research glitch art, but also to feel encouraged to create glitch art and understand technology through deconstructive means.

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