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Taimi Toffer Anderson at the 1956 Allentown, PA, Science Fair! - Smithsonian Institution Archives: http://www.flickr.com/photos/smithsonian/4406433642/

Liz Lenkinski: Friends Forever: The Materiality of Digital Connection

Laura Crestohl: Mapping our Worlds [Vuvox]

Antonio Varas: From Books to Bytes

Nikhil Kamineni: Modular Audio Effects

Christo de Klerk: Materiality of Deletion

Jonathan Lukes: Technotexts [password: Technotexts — note that this is case-sensitive!]

Alex Campolo: Cassettes: Endgames of Obsolescence

Andrew Nealon: On A Wire: twitter and the telegram

Farah Momin: Magazines and Materiality

Willis Chan: Gastroporn and Advertising Materiality

Angeli: facebook persona: Iamb Nobedee

Wes Jackson: Hip Hop Started Out in the Park

Yeong Ran Kim: Soundscape of the Diaspora


  1. hi all,

    sorry for the flood of comments, but I believe that as of now my site is hosted. Still adding a couple of links, but at least it has a home.


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