Modular Audio Effects Units

The topic of this exhibition is to examine some of the different types of modular audio effects pedals (most commonly used with guitar, bass and keyboards; also known as stompboxes).

Asides from drastically different technical aspects of these devices (how they effect audio signals), each stompbox also features highly divergent design aesthetics that reflect the widely ranging philosophies regarding music. A survey of different pedals designs alone would yield an extremely engaging artistic exhibition.

The importance of these devices in recorded music is also in the vast number of software emulations (usually in the form of a third-party plugins for Digital Audio Workstations like Pro Tools and Logic Pro) that have emerged in the last decade. These emulations usually feature a user interface that mimics the layout and look of popular effects pedals. This is indicative of the importance they have played in shaping contemporary music and the musicians that create it. Despite the large shift to digital and software-based audio equipment, the popularity of guitar pedals is stronger than ever and provides an interesting paradox when studying the increasingly immaterial nature of art and media in contemporary times.

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