Ryoji Ikeda: datamatics [ver. 2.0] @ French Alliance

Ryoji Ike: da
datamatics [ver. 2.0]

Friday, September 10 at 8pm
 / Saturday, September 11 at 8pm
FIAF, Florence Gould Hall 
Co-presented with Japan Society

datamatics [ver. 2.0] is renowned artist/composer Ryoji Ikeda’s live audio-visual concert experience, which immerses the audience in the invisible web of data that permeates our world. By projecting dynamic computer-generated imagery—in black and white with striking color accents synchronized to a powerful electronic composition—Ryoji Ikeda’s intense yet minimal graphic renderings of data progress through multiple dimensions. The technical dynamics of the work, such as its extremely fast frame rates and variable bit depths, challenge and explore the thresholds of our perceptions and views on the world.

Note: performance includes strobe lights.

datamatics [ver.2.0] 
Directed by Ryoji Ikeda
Concept, composition: Ryoji Ikeda 
Computer graphics, programming: Shohei Matsukawa, Daisuke Tsunoda, Tomonaga Tokuyama, and Norimichi Hirakawa 
Produced by Forma
Co–commissioned by AV Festival 06, ZeroOne San Jose & ISEA 2006 Co–produced by les Spectacles Vivants, Centre Pompidou, & YCAM

Ryoji Ikeda Bio : 
Japan’s leading electronic composer Ryoji Ikeda focuses on the minutiae of ultrasonics, frequencies and the essential characteristics of sound itself. His work exploits sound’s physical property, its causality with human perception and mathematical dianoia as music, time and space. Using computer and digital technology to the utmost limit, Ikeda has been developing particular Microscopic methods for sound engineering and composition. Since 1995 he has been intensely active in sound art through concerts, installations and recordings: the albums +/- (1996), 0 degrees (1998), and Matrix (2000) have been hailed by critics as the most radical and innovative examples of contemporary electronic music. With Carsten Nicolai, he works the collaborative project cyclo., which examines error structures and repetitive loops in software and computer programmed music, with audiovisual modules for real time sound visualization. The versatile range of his research is also demonstrated by the collaborations with choreographer William Forsythe/Frankfurt Ballett, contemporary artist Hiroshi Sugimoto, architect Toyo Ito and artist collective Dumb Type, among others. Ryoji Ikeda received the Golden Nica prize at Prix Ars Electronica 2001 in the Digital Music category.

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